Sunday, June 1, 2008

Zoo Pics!

Not too long ago Shelby and I had the opportunity (aka free tickets!) to go on a Zoo Trip with our local "Mums & Bubs Group". Here are a few photos. :)

Getting There is Half the Fun!

WATER! Lots and lots of water!

Obligatory shot of the harbour....

If I lean over far enough can I touch the water?

On the cable car over the zoo. Doesn't she look thrilled?

First animal of the day...probably favourite because it was far away and not close to a window which terrified the living daylights out of her each and every time....

There was even time for a girly-chat or two...probably swapping notes on the big, scary animals. :)

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Christine Mao said...

Yay - you're back to blogging!! Shelby is such a lovely little girl, so photogenic. It must have been some time ago that you went - it feels like it's been raining forever so that sunshine was so bright.
Keep up the posts :)