Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wise Words on Training Children

Sally Clarkson has just published a blog-post on her blog that I think I'm going to have to print out, mull over and internalise as it contains so much wisdom and encouragement to keep training and not to grow weary in this Mum job. I think everyone should read it (Dad's included!) so follow the link at the bottom of this post after the short excerpt and read the whole lot. Great thoughts!

No matter what philosophy we as parents have for disciplining children, we need to remember that our goal isn’t primarily to make them obey, but to motivate them to obedience from a sincere and loving heart. I did always feel that if I expected them to learn self-control and the ability to work harder, I also had to be sure I was meeting their essential needs in order to expect them to perform well. I needed to give them a routine life–plenty of sleep, naps when tired, not too much over-stimulation, nutritional food, life-giving, soul-filling words–so that their bodies could support my ideals and expectations for them as a mom. If they were exhausted because of being out too late, then if they cried, I would put them to bed–they didn’t need discipline, they needed to go to sleep.

Bottom line, discipline is more about relational righteousness training and taking time to instruct, train, praise and correct and strengthening a child’s moral character and will through the variety of all the moments of life, than a list of rules about and mandates about when and how long to spank or punish. The Holy Spirit grants each parent wisdom how to apply Biblical principles of training to each parent according to their own puzzle and their unique children–it can look different for each family and each child, but all philosophies that focus on reaching and training the heart, have a deeper influence on the outcome of the child’s soul. I have learned so much from reading scripture and pondering God’s parenting of me. May He give all of us grace and skill and patience!

For the rest of the article click on over to I Take Joy.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel,

Thank you for this post. It is exactly what dis-heartened mommy me needed to read today.:-) I came across your blog from reading your comment on a baby care post at (And I will just say I agreed with your comment very, very much.) and am enjoying some of the links on your side bar, too.:-)



TulipGirl said...

What a beautiful bit of mommy-inspiration!