Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WFMW: Toy Stations

Well, I have been reading and gleaning lots of great ideas for several months now over at Rocks in My Dryer. So, since I have a half-way decent idea I thought I'd participate in her weekly blog carnival!

And the idea is......TOY STATIONS! Even though we have a teeny tiny unit my daughter still follows me around when I move from room to room doing things. So, since she's with me in a variety of places throughout the day I figured that I would designate "toy stations" in each room rather than have her dragging toys from one room to the next and then me having to find them all and put them back in their home at the end of the day!

And it really works for me! I've taken a few photos so you can see what I mean.

So far the only place that doesn't have a toy station is the bedroom because a) I don't spend that much time in there and b) I like to keep that space designated as the "sleep room".

First up we have the office/spare room/library room where I spend my computer time. Here we had a spare shelf clear which conveniently worked out at her height so that's where the toys are. This is where we also store some of the toys she's not that into (basket on the right) and her basket of excess books and the box of stuffed animals. And up in the back corner of the photo you can see her yellow table with paper taped to the top and a couple of crayons...that's for her "artistic" expression! :)
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Then in the loungeroom and dining area we have a small bookshelf. Pretty self explanatory. The books you can see standing up her current library board books to encourage her to go and pick them up and read them. I hope to replace the table and chair with a small childsized lounge chaise thing so she can sit down easily.
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And then out on the back balcony we have the bigger toys. Where I was standing when I took the photo is my hammock so I can relax while she plays. Win-win for us both!
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Other "toy stations" I have around the house that aren't pictured are in the bathroom we have a basket of bath toys that Shelby is allowed to play with whenever I'm in there AND during bath time. And then in the kitchen when I'm cooking or whatever she has free access to the tupperware cupboard and pots and pans.

Has anyone else ever used toy-stations in their house? What's worked for you?

Hopefully this has helped you! For more great ideas see this weeks edition of Works-for-me-Wednesday.


SAHMmy Says said...

I love this idea! I do have a set of Tupperware I put out for the baby to play with while I cook, and a special group of (silent) toys I take in a bag to church. Great idea to have an area in each room--seems like that would make the toys more "fresh" and encourage them to play while they get to be close to you as you work. Thanks.

Zen Master said...

That's a great idea for little ones!

Thanks for sharing.

Karen@FamilyBries said...

I've never thought of them as toy stations (probably because ours end up so spread out over the course of a day :). We have a cabinet in the bathroom they can play in; a cabinet in the kitchen as well. The living room has toys behind a chair and the office has all their stuff in a cabinet. I do have a "portable" toy station that I drag out when the littlest ones are tired of the stuff in the stations. Thanks for the tip!

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