Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Choices Surrounding Birth

A woman who simply accepts the standard care in this set of issues {issues related to birth}, and many more, may find that she has, in reality, no choice. She gets swept up on a production line conveyor belt. Read more over at villagemidwife...

So many things we presume are "have tos" surrounding birth aren't. Joy has just written a fabulous little piece on choice surrounding birth on her blog "villagemidwife". I love reading her thoughts and have linked to her before if you thought this might be de-ja-vu. :) Worth the read.  I am definitely someone who questions the status quo...not always very outspoken about it but when I'm dealing with my body and the way that birth can affect so much surrounding the early bonding, breastfeeding and health of my newborn child I am more likely to speak up when dealing with the midwives and doctors. I'm not going to share all the things I've done or not done but if you're interested and want to ask I'll answer. 

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