Friday, February 6, 2009

Confectionary Free Checkouts

Disclaimer: I am more bemused than annoyed about this incident and had fun sharing the story with Matt last night to which he responded, "You are going to blog about this aren't you?" So,with that encouragment ringing in my ears, here I am.

Once upon a I was checking out of Woolworths yesterday, I found myself at the confectionary free checkout due to the fact that it had the shortest wait. However, as I was placing items on the belt to checkout, Shelby asked me if she could have a lolly. To which I responded "No, not today you've already had a chocolate this afternoon." (Don't get me started on people giving out free chocolates and lollies to any and every kid without checking with the parents BEFORE holding out said sweet to the child.) She asked once more and I responded the same way and that was that.  However, that's when I noticed the little flag above my head stating: "Confectionary Free Checkout"....I immediately felt put-out that I'd even had that conversation with my 2 year old when those 2 boxes of easter eggs clearly should not even be there!

I have noticed these boxes on this checkout once before and thought of complaining but didn't. This time I felt put-out enough to do something. So I turned to the checkout guy who was calmly scanning all my items and asked if he knew who I should complain to about the fact that there were two boxes of easter eggs on what is clearly labelled a "Confectionary Free Checkout". He didn't understand English very well and thought I was asking for the price. Thankfully the lady on the checkout next to him heard me and said that she'd had the same thought and even complained about it to someone a week ago. She kindly hit the call-bell and the supervisor came over to talk to me. 

I explained the situation and asked "Why is their confectionary on what is supposed to be a confectionary free checkout?" To which she responds, "Oh that just means that you won't find one of these." And points to the rack of lollies and chewing gum next to the checkout just over from where I was. 

WHAT? I was confused. I understood in theory but at the same time if I take this sign at face value and knowing the whole point of starting these types of checkouts in the first place I should NOT find any confectionary at this checkout even 2 small boxes of easter eggs. Right??

Which is what I said to the supervisor. She immediately gets that know the one that communicates that she's not impressed that I've stuck to my guns but "okay, the customer is always right" and so she moves the boxes over to the next checkout which does have a confectionary stand. 

By this stage I'm embaressed as the discussion has drawn a few stares and I'm happy to just checkout and get out. 

However, to add insult to injury. A few moments later the supervisor is back and has one of the innoccent easter eggs in her hand which she holds out to me and says, "Here. Would your daughter like this?"  

I felt confused...did this woman not understand that I had just complained about there being lollies on display at a confectionary free checkout?? Of course I didn't want my daughter to have a chocolate. I'd already said no to her request and not for pricing reasons so why would I let her have one anyway? I tried to decline without being too "annoyed-customer-like" but I'm not sure if I succeeded or not....

What would you have done if offered the easter egg in exchange for complaining about it's presence? 


Cara said...

LOL - I can't believe that! You clearly were concerned with the presence of chocolate - so why offer you one??? The chocolate may have been a peace offering but it might have also been an appeasement. I might have accepted the chocolate as a gesture of 'no hard feelings' and given to Caelan on another day. But then it kinda defeats the purpose of the stance you made so it also makes perfect sense why you didn't take it. Pretty amusing situation!!

kdragon said...

seems you were a lot calmer and polite than I think I may have been in that situation, and puff can't even have chocolate yet...