Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christian-Flavoured Resolutions

First off...Happy (Belated) New Year! 

I've decided NOT to do any "Christian-Flavoured Resolutions" as such this year but I have been contemplating my lack of Bible Reading Plan. I want to have something that I'm working on because as I've found in the past few years if you aim at nothing you always hit nothing. So, I looked over the Bible Reading in One Year plans and even printed one out and started it but considering that I didn't do this until Jan 2 I was already a day behind and just knew that it was inevitably not going to happen anyway. To be brutally honest One Year Bible Reading Plans and I don't really mix. My experience is more like this woman.
March 3rd. I look at my checkered plan sheet with smudges and erasures. It isn’t working. I am doomed. A failing immature rat of a Christian. Barely two months and I am ruined. I quit. 
And besides I have a newborn on the way which is going to throw all sense of order out the window for at least a few weeks...if not months. So, I'd like a NON-dated Bible Reading Plan but honestly they're few and far between. But as the woman previously linked to described her "Bible Reading Plan for Shirkers & Slackers" I felt like I'd found the plan for me. And so, without so much as a blink I hit the Print button and I've got my "plan" and I won't feel that sinking feeling of being 6 days behind on the dated plan because I can pick up any day of the week and read from where I last was without so much as a twinge of guilt!! YAY! So, if anyone is looking for a Through the Bible Reading plan but doesn't think they can keep up with the dated plan then this is it. You'll find the plan on pages 5 & 6 of this pdf document

P.S. If you stumble upon this blog-post in 6 months time you can even start it's NOT reliant on you starting it on the 1st of January because it follows the Days of the Week and they roll around every 7 days! :)


TulipGirl said...

*L* I printed that off today, too!

Cara said...

Read the post - love the idea - and thanks for your honesty and thanks for the other blog link. It is so refreshing to hear of other's struggles especially in motherhood. Might even give this one a go myself!!

Erin said...

That way of reading looks cool, I bookmarked it for later.
I started a reading guide in December (I was going to wait for the new year, but thought why wait? lol), but I've cut all the days in half so it should take 2 years instead of one, becasue I'd rather aim at something I might actually accomplish rather than get discouraged!
(The list of resolution made me laugh)

erika said...

Funny - I have been TERRIBLE at reading my Bible for the past, oh, say 10 years LOL! But last year decided to do the wole Bible chronologically in a year thing. God was certainly with me, because I read the assigned reading every day without fail and actually managed it - I think I need the structure of "deadlines" or discipline or something (how sad am I?). The only thing is that I don't think much of it sank in (I sometimes tended to approach it in a bit of a "task-oriented" way), so I'm doing it all again this year. I like the plan you are following though, and have downloaded it for next year (there's nothing like being organised!)

Anonymous said...

Yay- that's me, the "shirker and slacker" - thanks for this - I've printed it off. This is really Lois even though I am appearing as Anonymous as I have forgotten my blogger identity. So, "tired and emotional" as well as shirker and slacker - could also add "dazed and confused".