Thursday, December 18, 2008

Introducing Baby #2

We had our 19 week (almost 20 week) ultrasound this morning. As long as the tech isn't lying to me everything is fine, but I'll see my midwife tomorrow and get that confirmed then. Very active baby! At one stage he/she did a massive flip over and gave the tech a challenge working out which side she was up to measuring. :) And the pregnancy is going fine. I'm feeling the same pain in my hips that I had with Shelby but it eases and feels much better when/if I keep up with my Yoga stretches and stuff so I just need to keep that up. Otherwise I'm feeling energetic (to a point) and well! (And hungry!)

Anyway, enough with the jibbering and on with the photos:

Okay so we'll start with the classic U/S pose:

Then we have the "godzilla" pose as Baby yawns. :)

Then we move into the fun 3D photos that we got too as a bonus. The 3D wand is new at the hospital so the tech isn't super experienced but it is amazing to see since it makes the baby seem so REAL! :)

All snuggled up to the placenta which is low but posterior and clear of the os (yay!) and explains why baby loves to hang out so low down in my pelvis!

"Can I just be left alone now!?!"



Cara said...

Wow, isn't God amazing.. how exciting for you both (or three) to see the new bub! Praise God that all is well. And yay, posterior placenta!

Anonymous said...

Those photos were so cool!! Great to hear that things are progressing well. Enjoy your time in Brissy. Merry Christmas to you all.

TulipGirl said...

Oh, wow! Love the 3D u/s images!

Sue Meggison said...

How cool that I found your blog through Crystal Paine's! "See more recipes from Rachel here" and I saw she lived in Australia, and though, nah! Well, low & behold! Also very cool is that we are pregnant at the same time, I am 30 weeks tomorrow! I think you're about 4 weeks behind me from checking your ultrasound blog.
Anyway nice blog, I would never be so organised!
Sue Meggison (Peckover) x

Rachel said...

Hi, Sue! Wow you're pregnant too! Congratulations!! 30 weeks is so close to the end!! And yes 4 weeks behind you here. :) How's it treating you.

Where did Crystal link to me? I'm surprised coz I never noticed!!