Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Girl Now!

A few big things going on around here! 

Along with her "little" message Shelby would also like to announce to the world that she has successfully made the potty switch (for day and looks like naps and nighttime won't be far behind)! With minimal fuss and bother too which is a good thing living in a fully carpeted unit. (So far NO accidents on the carpet! Woohoo!) 

For future reference what worked for us:

1) Waiting until Shelby was begging to wear undies and use the potty.

2) Letting her accompany us on bathroom trips and talking about what was involved.

3) Buying a small potty that can convert to the big toilet and is a step-stool to reach both the toilet and sink.

4) Introducing bribes lollies for successfully making it to the potty for #2. (#1 never needed bribes lollies of any sort she just "had it" amazingly.)


Lisa said...

yea yea yea yea!! lets celebrate all things two year oldish!! AND the wonderful news - gotta love the announcement via tshirts, we did it as well!

jordan said...

lots of uber-excitement from over the tasman

Erin said...

Yay! Congrats - though I have to admit when you mentioned how you'd been misplacing things ('Ditzy head') I thought "hmm, pregnacny brain?" (which is a real thing, I learnt it in uni and everything lol).
praying all goes well.

Rachel said...

erin-Yes that was a not so subtle hint. :) Definitely pregnancy brain!

jordan-Thanks guys!

lisa- Yes definitely 2 year old is a GOOD age! :) My Mum didn't get the message at first with the t-shirts...

Anonymous said...

congrats rach & matt! That is wonderful news (I also wondered with the forgetfulness comment!)
Also, always good hearing what works for parents with toilet training... I'm hoping Eliana is going to give it a go over summer.

Rachel said...

Thanks Laura! All the best with the toilet training! Hope Eliana picks it up nice and fast. :)