Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Eggs in This House!

What's a mum to do when she's just put the almost-two-year-old down for her afternoon nap, goes to the kitchen to whip up some delicious cupcakes (for tomorrow's playgroup birthday party) and finds that there are no eggs in the house?!?

Well, what any normal mum would do of course...consults Google and come up with a nice, simple recipe that she does have all the ingredients for! There are 20 cupcakes currently a baking in our oven and hopefully the fact that they are egg and milk free won't be a problem. We will have to venture out into the wide world to find some icing sugar after said-daughter's nap but in the meantime...thank goodness for Google!

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erika said...

also a good site to keep in mind for times like these -