Friday, June 20, 2008

2 Year Old In the House!

Watch out world. We have a 2-year-old in the house!! And are loving it. We didn't have a huge party but did have a few playgroup friends over and cupcakes. She enjoyed the attention and I enjoyed the fact that it was low key.

A few brief Shelby factoids to sum up.

My favorite foods are...dehydrated bananas, sultanas, mandarines, honey & butter on toast and mummy's milk.

My favorite toy dolls, swings and any small container that can hold things like sand, buttons, food, water etc.

My favorite words are...Daddy!, "Delby" (Shelby), Mummy, "No more!"

My favourite friends are..."Dora" (Cora) & "Rainee" (Raina)

Places in the world I've visited are...NSW, QLD, Vic, USA (current total for aeroplane flights is 22!)

My favorite colour is...none yet as far as Mum & Dad can tell.

My favorite TV show/video is...Bananas in Pyjamas

When I'm cranky ___ usually calms me down... music, cuddles, walks in the pram, and doing something fun with Mum & Dad.

My favorite song is... anything I can dance to. (Although I do have a special affinity for violin music to Mum's chagrin and Dad's delight!)

My parents call me... Scruffy Jim or Shelby Jones for no apparent reason...

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