Saturday, March 8, 2008

Week 2 of Green Smoothies

If you come to our house this week you will find a box of Oranges under the kitchen table....God provided us with ALL this fruit on Thursday for $20! Yes $5 a box! That's 50c for each mango and who knows what for the other pieces of fruit. Our freezer is going to be working hard. Since we'll put most of them into smoothies that's the easiest place to store them. What am I going to do with the fruit so we don't waste it?

Bananas--are peeled and in a ziploc bag in the freezer ready to pull one or two out for each smoothie.

Apples & Pears--I've salvaged the ones that are edible fresh and filled the fruit drawer in the fridge. The rest I'm going to wash then trim the bad bits off and core them before freezing in small plastic bags contained in a larger one so I can pull out exactly 1-2 pieces of fruit for each smoothie.

Oranges--I'm going to juice some and freeze them in icypole molds for Shelby & I blended with some goji berries for extra goodness. The others we'll eat fresh and juice some for our smoothies since the juice adds a nice kick. Some people like adding the whole orange to a smoothie but that gives it too much pulp for my taste.

Mangoes--We used 2 in our smoothie this morning. I've pureed 3 and mixed them with coconut oil for some mango-coconut oil icypoles. Pulled out 2 that are still perfectly fine and put them in the fridge to eat fresh this week and the others I'll peel and chop up and freeze for future use in smoothies or baking.

So, that's the fruit side of things taken care of for the next 2 weeks at least. I also bought 1kg of frozen mixed berries in Woolworths so that will give some smoothies a nice variation.

On the actual smoothie eating front. We've had a good week. For our greens this week we used Romaine lettuce. This coming week we're using Silverbeet since there was a nice large bunch on clearance at the fruit and veg store. This morning we had celery and mango with one banana and that was really lovely. Very fresh tasting.

Matt & I are feeling more healthy and I've noticed my body is getting rid of extra toxins and stuff from my system. The smoothie really gives a nice energy kickstart to the day. I'm also coping on less sleep than normal! Given that I'm an 8-9 hour every night kind of person to be going 7 hours and feeling energetic throughout the day is awesome!

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