Saturday, February 16, 2008

My sweet girl

Twenty Months on and I still feel an intense desire to be with my daughter every moment that I can. I don't want to miss a thing! I love the connection we have. I love watching her grow and develop and change and learn new things. She has such an infectious enthusiasm for the world and all it holds. The way she chatters to the dogs and cats we meet on our walks to the park. The way she gently touches the leaves and tree bark to see what it feels like. The way she just drinks in life! And I love the fact that when noone else can calm her down a cuddle with Mum and some milk will make the world seem a much happier place to be again.

Thank you God for this little girl. Thank you for her gentle spirit. The gentle way she tenderly cares for her dolls. The careful way she carries paper-clips around in funny containers throughout my house and her love for creating "scribbles". May I not put a stumbling block in her path that hinders her from seeing You in the world. May I be responsible as a parent to disciple her in the way You would have her go. And may I not seek to make her fit my preconceived mold of how she should be but point her to You as the author of life and the only true source of purpose and joy.

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