Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Favourite Books

It looks like Shelby will follow in her parent's footsteps and like to read books. Currently at 19 months 2 of her favourite books are:

Which is a really really sweet story and I could read it 5 times a day and not care. It's has lovely pictures of baby animals with their mothers snuggling in for the night. Very endearing and each page has 2 lines of text that rhyme in a sweet repetitive manner without being obnoxious.

I am SURE that the subject matter goes over her head but she must like the repetitiveness of the "No Bertie, That's Dirty Bertie" on every page. It was her favourite back about 6 months ago as well but I got utterly SICK of reading it 5 times a day so hid it on my bookshelf until yesterday when I pulled it out again and of course she still adores hearing it.

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