Friday, July 20, 2007

Wisely Raising Baby??

If anyone has ever been reccomended and toyed with the idea of following the advice of Gary Ezzo found in the book Babywise and all it's subsequent sequals, then I implore you to please go and read the posts about Gary Ezzo and his teachings over at TulipGirl's Ezzo Week and If that doesn't make you change your mind or at least encourage you to drastically modify the advice you're following then I'm afraid there isn't much hope. I don't say this in some way to make you guilty or accuse you of being an aweful or unloving parent if you're following Babywise. I just share this in the hopes that it can help to prevent some of the heartache and pain that has been caused by these teachings in many homes across the world.

More baby-friendly and common sense parenting helps can be found in:

Baby Love by Robin Barker
The Baby Book by William & Martha Sears
The Complete book of Christian Parenting & Child-Care by William & Martha Sears
The Complete book of Baby & ChildCare by Focus on the Family

Further book suggestions can also be found here.