Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sickies and Secrets!

What a KER-azy week it's been! Shelby has succumbed to her first fully fledged cold or flu. Not quite sure what but it's been a doozy!

AND she's getting her 12 month old molars!


Run and Hide people RUN and HIDE!

But, as I am a good Mummy (sometimes) I didn't run and hide. I have stayed with her through it. I have spent many hours sitting on the couch (aka we watched all of Bridezilla Season 1--DON'T watch it) or sitting in front of the computer holding her, breastfeeding her (yay for breastmilk producing antibodies to help her body fight the germs!) and generally just taking care of her. We are all rather tired but I think she's on the mend. She has lost her voice and if it wasn't so sad I'd be finding her little croaky cries and talking endearing.

In my WWW wanderings I came across what looks to be an awesome recipe site! Top Secret Recipes is a site totally devoted to giving out rip-off recipes for heaps of restaurant food! A lot of the recipes you have to pay US79cents to view and print the recipe but there are quite a few samples! Hmm! Definitely trying some of these once we "get off the couch"!

Hope everyone else has managed to avoid the sickies this winter but if you also have succumbed...please, hire out a decent movie!

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