Sunday, June 17, 2007


Okay so it might seem like jumping into the deep end before I learn how to swim but it's relevant and up-to-date info so I'm going to post it. *Holds breath and jumps*

Here's a link to what I think is a great article to make one think about how much we truly do know about vaccinations and what we're pumping into our children's bodies at an astronomical rate.

I believe that every parent should be fully informed about the pros and cons of getting their children vaccinated and then make a decision based upon that information. For some the information will motivate them to vaccinate, while for others they may delay the vaccinations or for some they won't get any. I'd rather that everyone think about this more fully before rushing off to get them done though. It could save heartache down the road.

As a completely pragmatic example my family has a history of auto-immune disease in it. And my sister is deaf in one ear because of the measles that she caught....FROM the vaccination. Anecdotal but enough to make us (Matt & I) pause and think and consider before doing anything to our(meaning Shelby & subsequent) children.

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