Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Smart Girl!

Shelby & I just took a quick jaunt around the corner to the Post Office and then across the road to pick up a much needed chocolate and licorice supply for me!

Anyway, Shelby was charming the lady at the General Store as I paid for said chocolate supply and we were chatting about how much she's grown and changed over the past year. Then the lady says to me, "She's a very smart girl!" I was a little puzzled at this exclamation since Shelby hadn't really done much beyond play coy and give a smile or two. Don't worry the lady explained and it really is amusing.

But first let me tell you that Shelby has a double crown in her hair. It has been the source of much amusement as when Shelby's hair was much shorter it would stick straight up at the back. It still has a little tuft that sticks up but because it's longer it isn't so crazy looking.

Ok, back to the story, apparently, in China if someone has a double crown they are said to be very smart! So, there we go, when Shelby gets high scores on exams we shall know why....her double crown! :)